QUEEN KEY (@keyisqueen)

last month

I haven’t said that much yet because sometimes I feel like words ain’t enough & if I’m not out there fighting in the physical then i ain’t really on shit.. but that’s not true, my friend just came over here & had someone bring him this shirt & before i could treat him for giving somebody my address i realized what the shirt said , he expressed to me how important it is for me to say George Floyd’s name & how my voice matters & why I should use my platform to make change because it will make a difference, it feel like all our lives we been experiencing wild racist weird ass shit while not being able to properly defend ourselves, whether it’s the police or a random mf w/ a farm .. they’re killing us & getting away wit it, i don’t have all the answers nor do I know what the future holds but i do see change & I see positive change.. for US at least, mfs betta stop playin wit us. I think things fall apart so that they can later come together, it’s so powerful how we all feel the same right now... everybody keep yo head up Saying all this to say this is a moment in time where WE gotta do what we gotta do & that’s stand up for our people.