Vondre Rose ( #MrRose ) 🇯🇲 🇯🇲 (@cjmbr2)

2 weeks ago

Everything the COVID 19 hits Jamaica since March 10, I grow more hair in my head than ever, especially that it makes me extra tall, so last Saturday, gone for a haircut and now, took the next picture which is closest to my old high school. Normally, I wish that one day, when the outbreak of the infectious virus is over, I want the entire world to be back to normal and there will be never be another outbreak again. Not sure if I had any plans to go to Kingston this summer, but that will have to wait. Next post will be out this Sunday and not going to post any pictures (except for story notifications ) from July 12 to July 31. #summer2020 #world #jamaica #2020 #endcoronavirus #savingthepopulation #peace #reducethesperad #jamaicajamaica #mask #growth #savinglives #savetheworld