Keith Bodziak (@beer_shark)

6 days ago

Went for a walk along the waterfront in Mission Bay today just before sunset. Brought along this bottle from Cellarmaker (released February 2020 ) to relax with, FARMER'S DIRECT : BLENHEIM APRICOTS. "Blended stainless fermented & oak aged mixed culture beer on top of super ripe Blenheim apricots from Frog Hollow Farm in Brentwood, CA. Cellarmaker further aged the beer in neutral red wine barrels until the fruit refermentation was complete & the flavors were smooth & complex. An amazing expression of the fruit’s aromatics & intense flavor." Big fan of CM's Farmer's Direct series... they pick some choice fruit. This bottle really aged beautifully in just a few wild months 2020 has had. @cellarmakerbrewing @cellarmakerhouseofpizza