🦋Smileyy🦋 (@liddoh_smileyy)

2 weeks ago

Johnson Adrian Cortez 💖 I still can’t believe you are 20 already. The years have passed so quickly & I really almost can’t believe it. Only god knows how much I love you and knows all the things I would do for you . My entire world is you 💗 all I can do is just thank god I got to share another year around the sun with you. I love you today, tomorrow,always & forever. I’m so proud of you. I almost wish you could stop growing up, but then I wouldn’t see what other amazing things you can do. I love you so much. My pride & Joy. My little man. here’s to another year and to many more to come 😘🥰💘 #downsyndromebaby #mypridendjoy #myworld #myboy #mybestfriend #family #myblessing #AnotherYearMore #latepost