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2 weeks ago

And the story continues... #Repost @mikky_tush --- STRANGERS (EP 3- Pt 1 ) As he stood there with eyes wide open in apparent disliked, watching this horror before him, Tunde's hands went numb as the flowers and box of chocolates found their resting place on the floor. Why on earth did he come home now? He'd planned to surprise Chioma much later at night but he couldn't hold himself, he desperately wanted to show her how much she means to him, how wonderful sharing a home with her this past year was and how awesome sharing a lifetime with her will be. He had actually planned it all, feigned ignorance about their anniversary and he knew she'd be boiling inside. Oh how her lips curve to the right side whenever she's angry, and with her arms folded, shaking off every touch of his to calm her, she always looks beautiful even in that angry mode. He remembered the time he forgot to buy her Shawarma, how she'd pouted and just sat with arm folded, not responding to his pleas. Oh, how gorgeous she'd looked. "Why Chi, why do this to me? You promised not to hurt me yet..." The voice of his brother jolted him back to reality. He'd stood there lost in thought at the sight of his wife making love to his only brother, the only thing he could think of her beautiful ways. "Bros, we didn't hear you come in. We're so sorry for..." The words seemed like water passing through an empty basket, they filtered away the minute he heard them come out. Tunde tried to speak but his throat was parched and his mouth suddenly became dry, try as he could, he couldn't bring himself to form any word. He wanted to talk, wanted so much to give them a piece of his mind, how can two of the most important people in his life betray him like this? He wanted to scream, shout out his lungs as if nothing mattered anymore, most importantly he wanted to ask why? But the more he tried to the more he realized he couldn't, and he felt another burning betrayal, his legs turned around and took him out of that horrific sight. #strangers #love #betrayal #hurt #pain #brother #wife #blind #marriage #writersofinstagram #writer #words