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Drop ❤ if this is useful 🍺🍷🥃HOW TO PREVENT A HANGOVER… . 🍳🥥🍌Swipe to also see which foods should be consumed for a hangover! . Let me first start by saying, I am not encouraging anyone to go out there and get smashed… . Or, even drink at all really. . I am simply giving you some education in case you are going to drink! . Now, of course you can not drink or even just drink less…BUT, I wanted to give some information beyond that in case you find yourself one too many drinks in the hole! . Now, when looking at the alcohol that would be best to prevent a hangover, it falls on clear alcohol that is low in congeners, while also limiting both high sugar drinks and dark drinks. I will have a future post on this part as well! . Staying hydrated is key! Part of the reason it is said that we get hungover is because of shrinkage in our brain dura from dehydration. So having a glass of water for every drink is key! You can even add some lemon or other electrolytes! . The foods on the next page are best for a hangover in general, but prior to drinking…You want at least something in your stomach to slow down the absorption of the alcohol. Keep in mind though, you do NOT want to be stuffed! . Lastly, some supplements I have found to be very effective taken around the time of drinking or after have been prickly pear, milk thistle, liposomal glutathione, DHM and NAC. . All in all, if you are going to drink, you can certainly be more prepared in doing so…This will really leave you in a better position the next morning. . #hangover #hangovercure #hungover #alcohol #champagne #party #drunk #sick #hangoverfood #drinking #liquor #wine #beer #liqour #whiteclaw #drink #healthybreakfast #healthandwellness #healthandfitness #foodisfuel Thank you by corylrodriguez